In many cases, doing the maintenance yourself is the best solution:

  • Your company has a shop and currently maintains the trucks
  • Your facility locations are not co-located with our branches and bringing the equipment to our location is an inconvenience
  • Cost savings of managing the repairs yourself

With our net trailer maintenance option, you simply bring the trailer back to the location stipulated in the trailer rental agreement with the same amount of aggregate tread/brake wear and in the same condition as it was rented and no additional cost will be assessed. If for some reason you are unable to repair the trailer to the outbound standards, Premier will repair the trailer and charge you the amount outlined in the rental agreement for each 1/32nd of tread wear and each 1/8th of brake wear. All damages and items needing replacement (including normal wear items) will be your responsibility. Let us partner with you to choose the maintenance option that's right for your outsourced trailer fleet.