Loss Damage Waiver
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Save money with our Loss Damage Waiver today!

Premier offers the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) service to its customers to cover the trailer in the event of a loss or damage from a covered peril. For companies that schedule LDW, this service provides the physical damage coverage you need without having to schedule and unschedule insurance for each rental. And claims are never reported to your insurance provider.


What's in it for me?

  • Convenience
  • Competitive rates
  • Reasonable deductibles
  • Charges stop as soon as rental or lease is terminated
  • In the event of a casualty, trailer values are always covered in full
  • In the event of a claim, rental charges stop when the deductible is paid
  • We handle the claim without going through your insurance company
  • Fixed physical damage rate for the term of the lease

What does LDW cover?

Direct physical loss or damage caused by a covered peril, including:

  • Collision while moving or standing
  • Damage that is the result of fire, hail, wind or tornado
  • Theft of trailer (police report required)
  • Recovery of the unit, towing and storage — $5,000 maximum
For coverage, file a claim with your local Premier representative within 48 hours of the incident.

What is not covered by LDW?

  • Damage that is the result of loading and/or unloading freight or freight that was not secured during loading
  • Damage or loss due to flood (including storm surge or mud slide)
  • Loss resulting from a nuclear hazard, military action, civil authority, or earth movement
  • Trailer cargo loss
  • Lost or missing trailers
  • Contamination of trailer or cargo
  • Tire theft or tire damage

Mexico and Canada are excluded from coverage

Am I eligible for LDW?

To be eligible for this program, customers must comply with all of the following.

  1. Trailer Tracking must be installed on the equipment.
  2. Forward a copy of the police report of any loss or damage to any unit of equipment within 72 hours after occurrence.
  3. The occurrence was not the result of customer's negligence and/or failure to maintain proper care and control of the equipment.
  4. Damage or casualty loss of the equipment must have occurred in the United States.
  5. Customer must be in compliance with all terms and conditions of the lease, including being current on all use charges.
  6. Additional documentation may be requested by Premier.
  7. Customer is responsible for the deductible value as outlined in the lease.


Use charges will continue to accrue with regard to the equipment until the customer has paid the required deductible. LDW shall terminate immediately upon any default by the customer under the lease. Premier, in its sole discretion, may discontinue providing LDW to the customer upon ten (10) days prior written notice.

In order to get LDW trailer physical damage coverage, Premier must be notified of a covered loss within 48 hours of the incident. LDW does not replace a customer's liability insurance, you will still be required to carry liability insurance per our terms and conditions. However, LDW does stand in the place of a customer's physical damage insurance coverage, should a covered loss occur.

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