Tracking trailer maintenance requirements is not a core competency for most companies. At Premier, we take pride in maintaining our equipment and keeping accurate maintenance records to ensure we perform the preventative maintenance required to keep your trailer operating with maximum reliability.  If you select our trailer maintenance mileage option, Premier will provide the necessary information each month your trailer(s) are due for scheduled maintenance right in your client dashboard on our website.  Simply bring the trailers to a Premier location, and we will perform the following trailer maintenance:

  • Annual FHWA inspection
  • Replace any tires and brakes due to normal wear
  • Replace any light bulbs, door seals, lubricants and other items related to normal wear.

For a small fee, we can schedule our vendor to come to your facility and perform the items listed above. If additional maintenance work is required on your trailer due to damage, our staff will notify you of the items needing repair before work is accomplished. Let us partner with you to choose the maintenance option that's right for your outsourced trailer fleet.