Here at Premier, we are always looking for amazing trailer technicians to help us keep our fleet in tip top shape.  Become a pre-approved maintenance vendor today to be on our list when we have a need.



Why fill out this form?

Once we receive your application, a Premier team member will reach out to you to confirm we have your information and to discuss any additional questions we (or you) may have.  Next, we will add you to our vendor network for regular or as-needed maintenance support.



How much work can I expect?

Depending on your location, we may reach out to you weekly, monthly or only occasionally.  Our team will be able to give you a better idea of what to expect when they reach out to you after the application is submitted.



Why be a Premier vendor?

Premier is known for its caring customer service.  We pride ourselves in treating everyone we work with with kindness and respect.  Not only that, as a trailer leasing business our team "gets" trailers.  We understand your perspective and are committed to prompt payments with a no-hassle billing and accounts payable process.


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